The 1st Bangkok International
Performing Arts Piano
Competition (BIPAC) 2021
Bangkok, Thailand

Registration Deadline October 5th, 2021

DATE: October 12-17, 2021
PLATFORM: Online VDO submission (Youtube Link)


The 1st Bangkok International
Performing Arts Piano Competition 2021

Announcement of Results

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The registration of The 1st Bangkok International Performing Arts Piano Competition (BIPAC) 2021 is now closed.
Please come back and join us next year!
Thank you.

Objectives of the competition

In this world today, there are many young people who take piano lessons seriously and who are highly enthusiastic about classical music. Classical music is a performing art of which the learning process cannot be complete without the learner actually performing, either in front of a real live audience or online through the internet. Yet, besides taking graded examinations once or twice each year, and besides taking part in the concerts that his or her own teacher organizes once or twice a year, these music enthusiasts hardly have any opportunities to perform at all.

It is the mission of Cornerstone Music to close this gap by organizing competitions so that these young music enthusiasts will have a stage on which to share their talents and discover their musical potential.

When the situation allows it, live competitions will be organized and the contestants will have an opportunity to perform on a decent grand piano in an acoustically designed concert hall.

Because of the pandemic that the world is going through currently, online competition has been used as an alternative to live competition.

It is the intention of The Bangkok International Performing Arts Piano Competition (BIPAC) 2021 Organizing Committee to emphasize the joy of music making and self improvement of every contestant. Thus, except for the Open Category, each contestant will be assessed on his/her own performance standard with regards to the music chosen and performed. The performances will not be assessed based on the age of the performer, nor on the difficulty of the music chosen, nor by comparison with other contestants. Besides in the Open Category, no first, second or third prizes will be awarded and no one will be eliminated from the competition.

Benefits for the contestants:

  • having a definite goal will increase motivation in practicing which will lead to improvement of performance skills
  • performance opportunity and experience will boost self confidence
  • contestant will learn to enjoy performing and learn to impart the joy of music to the audience
  • contestant will be inspired by the performances of other contestants which will lead to the willingness to work harder and to improve further
  • contestant will learn to handle disappointment and learn to be stronger when the result does not turn out the way he/she had hoped for
  • contestant will receive constructive comments from highly qualified adjudicators that can be used to further improve his/her playing
  • the result and the experience from the competition will be a wonderful addition to the contestant’s portfolio

Benefits for the Teachers:

  • preparing a student for a competition will help you set tangible and challenging goals for him or her; and will help you push your student to his/her fullest potential
  • preparing students for a competition will give you a great opportunity to explore new and beautiful repertoires with your students beyond their examination pieces
  • sending students to a competition is a wonderful opportunity to present your students to the public and a wonderful opportunity for you to receive more professional development and recognition


  • The Competition is opened to applicants of all nationalities.
  • Age Limit: Please see Category and Repertoire below.

Registration Deadline

The completed application form and payment, as well as the video link and copy of music score (pdf file) must be received by 11:00 pm of Tuesday, October 5th, 2021.

Registration process

  1. Complete an online application form below.
  2. If an applicant wants to compete in more than one category, please complete another application form and make separate payment for each category.
  3. Registration Fees will be transferred to the following account
    Bank: Siam Commercial Bank
    Account Name: Cornerstone Music Company Limited
    Account Number: 414-095910-5

Note: Registration fees are non-refundable.

Venue and Date

Venue: (in case that Live Competition is possible, venue will be announced later.
Date: October 12 to 17, 2021

Requirements for Video Submissions

  1. Applicants must submit a video of their performance. The BIPAC Organizing Committee must receive the video by 11:00 pm of Tuesday, October 5th, 2021.
  2. The videos should be in at least 720p resolution with good sound quality. Hand-held videos are not accepted. The performer’s upper body, hands, face, and feet must be captured throughout. If any of these parts of the body are obscured, the performance will not be assessed.
  3. The videos must be unedited. Post-production handling that affects the acoustic quality of the videos is not permitted.
  4. The videos must be recorded within 3 months prior to the first date of the competition.
  5. The videos submitted to the competition must be used ONLY for this competition. Videos that have been used in other events are not allowed for this competition.
  6. In any Categories where more than one pieces can be performed, the video must be recorded in one continuous sitting.
  7. Please upload the video on YouTube and copy the link into the application form.
  8. Please name the video title as
    “BIPAC2021_Category Number_First Name_Last Name”
    For example: BIPAC2021_1_Jane_Lee

Contact Information

Email: cornerstonemusic.thailand@gmail.com
Line: @cornerstonemusic

Adjudicator Panel

Mr. Artas Balakauskas

Born into a family of musicians, a Lithuanian pianist Artas Balakauskas, started his musical education at M.K. Čiurlionis School of Arts (M.K.Čiurlionis Art Gymnasium) in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he studied with Edmundas Gedgaudas and Liucija Drąsutiene. read more

Associate Professor Dr. Eri Nakagawa

Eri Nakagawa, a native of Osaka, Japan, has been on the piano faculty of College of Music, Mahidol University in Thailand since 1995. Prior to her appointment at Mahidol, she was Assistant Professor of Music Performance at Ball State University, Indiana, USA. read more

Mr. Jamorn Supapol

A native of Thailand, pianist Jamorn Supapol received his Bachelor of Music in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music, New York, and a Master’s Degree and a Graduate Performance Diploma from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, U.S.A. read more

Dr. Indhuon Srikaranonda

Dr. Indhuon Srikaranonda is one of Thailand's most accomplished classical pianists and piano teachers in her generation. Together with her husband, Artas Balakauskas, a famous classical pianist from Lithuania, they have taught many younger generations of Thai classical pianists, read more

Score System

Place Scores Prizes
First, Second, Third
  • Only for applicants with 3 highest scores in each category of the Open Category.
  • Score must be at least 91.
Trophy and Certificate
Platinum 91-100 Medal and Certificate
Gold 81-90.99 Medal and Certificate
Silver 71-80.99 Medal and Certificate
Bronze 70.99 and below Medal and Certificate

Category and Repertoire

  1. Open Category
  2. Graded Examination Category
  3. Composer Category
  4. Piano Method Category
  5. Amateur Category
Notes to All Categories:
  • Each applicant can apply for more than one category.
  • Each applicant can play the same piece for different categories.
  • If an applicant wants to compete in more than one category, please complete another application form and make separate payment for each category
  • If an applicant applies for an incorrect category, his application will be cancelled with no refund.

1. Open Category

No. Category Age Born After Repertoire Fee
1 Kids Age 6 and under born on or after October 1, 2015 Any piece(s); within 3 mins 3,000
2 Children A Under 8 y/o born on or after October 1, 2013 Any piece(s); within 5mins 3,200
3 Children B Under 10 y/o born on or after October 1, 2011 Any piece(s); within 8 mins 3,200
4 Junior A Under 12 y/o born on or after October 1, 2009 Any piece(s); within 10 mins 3,500
5 Junior B Under 15 y/o born on or after October 1, 2006 Any piece(s); within 12 mins 3,500
6 Youth A Under 18 y/o born on or after October 1, 2003 Any piece(s); within 15 mins 3,800
7 Youth B Under 24 y/o born on or after October 1, 1997 Any piece(s); within 18 mins 3,800
8 Piano Duet (One Piano) No age limit, but teacher is not allowed to participate Any piece(s); within 5 mins 3,800
Notes to the Open Category:
  • Each applicant can play one or more pieces, but the total length of the performance must NOT exceed the time limit.
  • Timing starts when the contestant starts playing.

2. Graded Examination Category (No Age Limit, except the Prep Level)

Repertoire can be selected from the current syllabus of ABRSM, Trinity College London, LCM, or Central Conservatory of Music

No. Category Repertoire Fee
9Prep LevelOnly Prep Level, applicants must be 6 years old or under (born on or after October 1, 2015) Must play TWO pieces3,000
10Grade 1Must play TWO pieces3,500
11Grade 2Must play TWO pieces3,500
12Grade 3Must play TWO pieces3,500
13Grade 4Must play TWO pieces3,500
14Grade 5Play only ONE piece3,800
15Grade 6Play only ONE piece3,800
16Grade 7Play only ONE piece3,800
17Grade 8Play only ONE piece3,800

3. Composer Category (No Age Limit)

No. Category Repertoire Fee
18Bach Juniorany one piece from First Lessons in Bach, Book I or II3,200
19Bach Aany one piece from Two-Part Inventions3,500
20Bach Bany one piece from Three-Part Inventions3,500
21Bach Cany one set of Prelude and Fugue from WTC I or WTC II3,500
22Scarlattiany two contrasting sonatas3,500
23Burgmüllerany one piece from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 1003,200
24Czerny Aany one or two works from Op. 599, 636, 718, and/or 849; within 5 mins3,500
25Czerny Bany one or two works from Op. 299 and/or 740; within 5 mins3,500
26Heller Etudeany one or more etudes; within 5 mins3,500
27Sonatinaany one fast movement from any sonatinas of the Classical period3,500
28Haydn Sonataany one fast movement from a Haydn’s sonata3,500
29Mozart Sonataany one fast movement from a Mozart’s sonata3,500
30Beethoven Sonataany one fast movement from a Beethoven’s sonata3,500
31Schubert Impromptuany one Impromptu3,500
32Mendelssohnany one piece from Song Without Words3,500
33Chopin Ballade/Scherzoany one Ballade or Scherzo3,800
34Chopin Etudeany one Etude from Op. 10, 25, or Op. Posth.3,500
35Chopin Impromptu/ Preludeany one Impromptu OR any two contrasting Preludes from Op. 283,500
36Chopin Mazurkaany one number of Mazurka3,500
37Chopin Nocturneany one Nocturne3,500
38Chopin Waltzany one Waltz3,500
39Chopin Polonaiseany one Polonaise3,500
40Chopin Free Choiceany one work by Chopin beyond category nos. 33-393,500
41Liszt Etudeany one Etude3,500
42Liszt Free Choiceany work by Liszt; within 10 mins3,800
43Brahmsany one Intermezzo, Romanze, Ballade, or Capriccio3,500
44Schumann Aany one piece from Album for the Young, Op. 683,500
45Schumann Bany work(s) by Schumann except Op. 68; within 5 mins3,500
46Grieg Free Choiceany work(s); within 5 mins3,500
47Bartok Free Choiceany work(s); within 5 mins3,500
48Russian Composer*any work(s); within 5 mins3,500
49Spanish Composer**any work(s); within 5 mins3,500
50French Composer***any work(s); within 5 mins3,500
51American Composer****any work(s); within 5 mins3,500
52Own Compositionany work(s); within 5 mins3,500
Notes to the Composer Category:
  • No age limit is applied to any category of the Composer Category
  • When a time limit is applied, timing starts when the contestant starts playing.

4. Piano Method Category (Age 12 or Under: applicant must born on or after October 1, 2009.)

No. Category Repertoire Fee
53John Thompson Aany one or two works from John Thompson's Modern Course, 1st Grade Book3,200
54John Thompson Bany one or two works from John Thompson's Modern Course, 2nd Grade Book3,200
55Piano Pieces for Children Aany one or two works from Piano Pieces for Children Book, Grade 1 and/or 23,200
56Piano Pieces for Children Bany one or two works from Piano Pieces for Children Book, Grade 3 and/or 43,200
57Alfred’s Book Levels 2-3any one or two works from Alfred's Basic Piano Course, Lesson Book, Level 2 and/or 33,200
58Alfred's Book Levels 4-5any one or two works from Alfred's Basic Piano Course, Lesson Book, Level 4 and/or 53,200
59Piano Adventure Levels 1-2any one or two works from Piano Adventures, Level 1 and/or 23,200
60Piano Adventure Levels 3-5any one or two works from Piano Adventures, Level 3, 4, and/or 53,200
Notes to the Piano Method Group:
  • Applicants must be 12 years old or under.

5. Amateur Category

No. Category Repertoire Fee
61Amateurany contrasting works; within 10 mins3,800
  Applicants must be at least 18 years old (born on or before October 1, 2003), have never attended music school at the collegiate level, and do not hold professional music degrees. 
62Popular Musicany one piece or cover of contemporary music (in the style of pop, jazz, blues, rock, musical, anime/movie/TV-Series soundtracks, or broadways); within 5 minutes OR any one original composition in a musical style mentioned above; within 5 minutes3,500

Rules and Regulations

General Rules
  1. BIPAC is open to pianists of all nationalities
  2. The registration fees are payable upon application and are non-refundable. Applicants are responsible for any transfer fees.
  3. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition is now an online Competition and all applicants will submit an unedited video recording of their performance.
  4. If the pandemic is under control and if the situation allows it, applicants are welcome to compete in the Live Competition platform, which the venue and competition schedule will be announced later.
  5. The maximum number of applicants might be limited by the BIPAC Organization Committee on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  6. The order of the performance is determined by BIPAC Organizing Committee.
  7. For Live Competition, in case of late arrival, the committee reserves the right to cancel the applicant’s performance without issuing any refund.
  8. If the performance exceeds the time limit, BIPAC’s adjudicator panel may stop the performance or the video. Yet, this will carry no consequences on the applicant’s performance score. The applicant will be assessed from the performance heard by the adjudicator panel.
  9. The competition result will be posted on the Cornerstone Music Thailand Facebook Page on the date that will be announced later. The trophy, medal, certificate and comment sheet will be sent to the applicants by mail.
  10. No appeal shall be made against the decisions by the jury and BIPAC Organizing Committee. The decision of the adjudicator panel is final.
  11. All organizational decisions concerning the Competition remain the responsibility of the Competition Organizing Committee. The Committee reserves the right to make all final decisions in the event of any misunderstanding.
  12. By electronically signing the application form, contestants acknowledge that he/she has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Rules and Regulations of The BIPAC 2021. If applicants do not follow the competition’s terms and conditions, BIPAC Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel their application with no refund.
Performance Rules
  1. Every solo piece must be performed by memory. Exceptions are made for categories Number 52 (own composition) and 62 (popular music); applicants for these two categories can perform with music score.
  2. Duet pieces can be performed with or without music score.
  3. For Online Competition, applicants must upload an electronic copy of the music score with applicant’s name and category applied during the application process.
  4. For Live Competition, applicants are to submit 2 copies of the music score of the piece(s) that they perform to the staffs on the day of the competition.
  5. Applicants should omit the repeat signs in the music score (exposition of a sonata/sonatina is included), except the repeat is specified such as D.C. al Fine or D.S. al Coda.