Announcement of Results

The 2nd Bangkok International
Performing Arts
Piano Competition 2022

  1. Open Category
  2. Graded Examination Category
  3. Composer Category
  4. Piano Method Category
  5. Amateur Category

* Contestants' names are listed in alphabetical order of the first names.

Place Scores Prizes
First, Second, Third
  • Only for applicants with 3 highest scores in each category of the Open Category.
  • Score must be at least 91.
Trophy and Certificate
Platinum 91-100 Medal and Certificate
Gold 81-90.99 Medal and Certificate
Silver 71-80.99 Medal and Certificate
Bronze 70.99 and below Medal and Certificate

1. Open Category

Name Category Prize
Thanatcha Tanompongphandh Kids First Prize, Platinum Medal
Ananya Limpeeticharoenchot Kids Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Sineh Atilaksana Children A First Prize, Platinum Medal
Kantabhon Devakula Children A Second Prize, Platinum Medal
Nisha Thanasatitkul Children A Third Prize, Platinum Medal
Hazuki Kimura Children A Gold Medal
Jiranatcha Keeratipibul Children A Gold Medal
Meichen Zhang Children A Gold Medal
Patsu Sintattasopon Children A Gold Medal
Shiran Gong Children A Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Tiya Uthaisang Children B First Prize, Platinum Medal
Passawat Phongsphetrarat Children B Second Prize, Platinum Medal
Tejit Boriboonpoka Children B Third Prize, Platinum Medal
Jiarun Liu Children B Gold Medal
Kusalin Chayraksa Children B Gold Medal
Larisa Wangwittaya Children B Silver Medal
Matchi Haemanwichian Children B Gold Medal
Nanon Chartworapongsa Children B Silver Medal
Nataya Susangiam Children B Silver Medal
Pattheera Sivaleepunth Children B Silver Medal
Peerawich Rattanapun Children B Silver Medal
Phuwit Thongnak Children B Gold Medal
Pichakhun Jearanaisilp Children B Gold Medal
Punrada Tantitarak Children B Silver Medal
Rikka Kimura Children B Gold Medal
Sadapa Vanisornkul Children B Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Papitcha Vejmongkolkorn Junior A First Prize, Platinum Medal
Arisa Wangwittaya Junior A Gold Medal
Chanutpapha Yuwannakul Junior A Gold Medal
Nattaninya Chayachadanan Junior A Silver Medal
Prapada Chieosawang Junior A
Certificate of Participation
Rawipat Phoomborplub Junior A Silver Medal
Tadol Ratinukulkit Junior A Silver Medal
Tone Lulimethi Junior A Gold Medal
Vitra Adara Ampornpisit Junior A Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Nitchanan Manonaicharoen Junior B Silver Medal
Phatthicha Leowattana Junior B Gold Medal
Ratcharabhorn Tontikul Junior B Silver Medal
Tsun Yuen – Lau Junior B Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Tawan Losithong Youth A First Prize, Platinum Medal
Weetiwat Siriwattanakorn Youth A Second Prize, Platinum Medal
Prapussorn Andersson Youth A Third Prize, Platinum Medal
Noranatt Pothisurin Youth A Gold Medal
Nupattaranee Thawanworakit Youth A Silver Medal
Nuttawat Pipithsuksunt Youth A Gold Medal
Sahaphum Waleecharoenphol Youth A Gold Medal
Stanley Holewa Youth A Gold Medal
Surakarn Bhaksriwong Youth A Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Chatthep Songprasertkul Youth B Silver Medal
Name Category Prize
Risa Vangsirirungruang Piano Duet (One Piano) Silver Medal
Supada Lertkangwarnklai Piano Duet (One Piano) Gold Medal

2. Graded Examination Category

Name Category Prize
Ahran Cho Grade 6 Silver Medal
Ainilyn Treepakdeelert Grade 2 Gold Medal
Alin Iwamoto Grade 2 Gold Medal
Alischaya Choosuk Grade 2 Gold Medal
Alissha Vaewvises Grade 8 Platinum Medal
Anecha NA Thalang Grade 2 Silver Medal
Apinya Tanumpai Grade 6 Bronze Medal
Baannasorn Wongtangtrakul Grade 2 Gold Medal
Bhuricha Vongkulsiri Grade 3 Gold Medal
Boontarnkiat Thaweesantikul Grade 8 Gold Medal
Bunyaphat Khaonual Grade 6 Silver Medal
Chalinee Chitchulanon Grade 8 Silver Medal
Chanidapha Plaipoo Grade 1 Platinum Medal
Chatchart O’Charoen Grade 2 Gold Medal
Chayada Na Pompet Grade 4 Platinum Medal
Chirasin Weerawiwatkun Grade 1 Platinum Medal
Destiny Su Le’en Grade 5 Platinum Medal
Fan Weizhen Grade 4 Platinum Medal
Gangwon Lee Grade 6 Silver Medal
Gonggaruna Pandejpong Grade 8 Silver Medal
Hannah Hanita Suzuki Grade 6 Silver Medal
Hannah Sujaritskulvong Grade 5 Gold Medal
Ilawin Thongcharoen Grade 8 Gold Medal
Itthathida Jithavech Grade 4 Gold Medal
Jaokha Chailapsiri Grade 6 Platinum Medal
Jinjutha Charadsooksawad Grade 8 Bronze Medal
Jinjutha Wannasirikul Grade 6 Gold Medal
Jiramathar Chaiyapuckdachar Grade 1 Bronze Medal
Jiranatcha Keeratipibul Grade 1 Gold Medal
Joanne Fortuna Grade 8 Platinum Medal
Kai-Xun Lin Grade 2 Gold Medal
Kanyanat Lenglerdphol Grade 1 Silver Medal
Kasakorn Kasikam Grade 3 Gold Medal
Kidchob Lertvechakul Grade 1 Gold Medal
Kimberly Ong Grade 6 Silver Medal
Kunanont Charoensupakorn Grade 8 Silver Medal
Kwankao Chatarayamontri Grade 7 Gold Medal
Lapasrada Paseephol Grade 6 Silver Medal
Leem Jia En Grade 5 Gold Medal
Lilyn Kanjanapas Grade 3 Gold Medal
Marisa Watanaprasartkul Grade 1 Platinum Medal
Maylada Liengprapaipun Grade 7 Gold Medal
Mengyao Wang Grade 4 Silver Medal
Milin Thanasatitkul Grade 5 Gold Medal
Nachicha Wongapichart Grade 6 Gold Medal
Nada Yuvaboon Grade 2 Silver Medal
Nalanda Wanasathian Grade 2 Platinum Medal
Namon Telavanich Grade 8 Silver Medal
Napat Thanasoponpitak Grade 2 Silver Medal
Nara Panda Grade 4 Gold Medal
Narada Arayasakulpong Grade 5 Gold Medal
Nasiri Sinutok Grade 4 Bronze Medal
Natcha Vinaijaroon Grade 3 Silver Medal
Natt Worasirichoksakun Grade 1 Gold Medal
Natthakan Wongvibulsin Grade 4 Silver Medal
Natthathida Weerawiwatkun Grade 1 Platinum Medal
Nichapa Thatripirom Grade 1 Silver Medal
Nirasha Chinupagarnpong Grade 6 Gold Medal
Nutcha Chaijaroonporn Grade 6 Gold Medal
Nuttapon Pongkanphai Grade 6 Gold Medal
Palin Tanvilai Grade 3 Silver Medal
Panawat Piyapong Grade 7 Gold Medal
Panna Intasa Grade 5 Gold Medal
Pansa Apiratmontree Grade 1 Silver Medal
Paravi Napasab Grade 6 Gold Medal
Passakorn Keeratipibul Grade 2 Silver Medal
Patcharak Plipat Grade 8 Silver Medal
Patsanan Changkapanit Grade 3 Silver Medal
Patsu Sintattasopon Grade 5 Gold Medal
Pavaree Krityakianrana Grade 4 Silver Medal
Pawarisa Leewiraphan Grade 4 Gold Medal
Pawin Sararat Grade 2 Silver Medal
Phachara Limsoontaragul Grade 6 Silver Medal
Phanthira Chirathivat Grade 3 Silver Medal
Phanthitra Saengchay Grade 3 Gold Medal
Phodsavee Laochumroonvorapong Grade 5 Gold Medal
Pichaya Saiviwat Grade 5 Silver Medal
Pimchanok Thappavimol Grade 1 Gold Medal
Pimrapat Kulaleak Grade 3 Bronze Medal
Pirada Bisalputra Grade 6 Gold Medal
Piti Rojlertjanya Grade 8 Silver Medal
Popetorn Boonprasurtkul Grade 2 Silver Medal
Punika Rattanarujikorn Grade 2 Silver Medal
Punyawit Asavanopkiat Grade 8 Platinum Medal
Raslada Lothong Grade 2 Gold Medal
Rinrada Sourivong Grade 6 Silver Medal
Sasichaya Nawatrilap Grade 3 Bronze Medal
Sehyeon Cho Grade 4 Gold Medal
Soohyun Lee Grade 6 Gold Medal
Sriwarin Phathanasobhon Grade 3 Gold Medal
Suchaya Thatripirom Grade 2 Gold Medal
Suttapa Bella Wu Grade 1 Gold Medal
Tadol Ratinukulkit Grade 4 Silver Medal
Thanabordee Aurprasertwong Grade 1 Platinum Medal
Thanaphat Riangvilaikul Grade 8 Silver Medal
Thanradee Kangvanchai Grade 6 Gold Medal
Tharathip Boonyapibal Grade 1 Silver Medal
Theerapat Thongpiyapoom Grade 5 Gold Medal
Theerata Rattanapimpaporn Prep Level Platinum Medal
Thitichaya Manasvevong Grade 5 Silver Medal
Tinee Mahattanakul Grade 5 Silver Medal
Tinnaphob Assawasamrit Grade 8 Platinum Medal
Tul Panich Grade 1 Silver Medal
Vanutsita suwannochin Grade 2 Gold Medal
Vitra Adara Ampornpisit Grade 7 Gold Medal
Warachaya Jongmeshokpaisan Grade 2 Gold Medal
Warinya Mekmueangthong Grade 4 Bronze Medal
WenZhu Jin Grade 3 Gold Medal
Worawat Omoda Takpleekul Grade 2 Gold Medal
Worrasarun Plumrudee Grade 7 Gold Medal
Wuttipat tanglertsampan Grade 1 Gold Medal
Xiaoru Lu Grade 6 Gold Medal
Xinghan-Tian Grade 3 Platinum Medal
Yossapard Tantijaturaporn Grade 1 Gold Medal
Ziyue Zhang Grade 8 Platinum Medal

3. Composer Category

Name Category Prize
Allyn Chinthammit Sonatina Platinum Medal
Boontarnkiat Thaweesantikul Mozart Sonata Gold Medal
Bunyaphat Khaonual Chopin Nocturne Silver Medal
Chanita Malairodsiri Burgmüller Bronze Medal
Chanunnat Lavichant Chopin Nocturne Silver Medal
Chatchawin Phetsamrual Burgmüller Gold Medal
Dollasit Akarasakul Sonatina Silver Medal
Immanuel Silarat Mozart Sonata Gold Medal
Jiarun Liu Czerny B Platinum Medal
Jidapa Sawangprom Burgmüller Gold Medal
Jurin Setsataworn Chopin Polonaise Gold Medal
Ka Yu Yau Burgmüller Platinum Medal
Kawiphat Wang Bach C Silver Medal
Khwankhao Damsa-ard Czerny A Gold Medal
Kimberly Ong Mozart Sonata Bronze Medal
Kirataya Lenglerdphol Burgmüller Silver Medal
Korranis Pitichaichan Chopin Impromptu/ Prelude Gold Medal
Krongkwan Tisuthiwongse Burgmüller Silver Medal
Kullanat Ingkaninant Sonatina Silver Medal
Milin Thanasatitkul Burgmüller Gold Medal
Milintra Vanichakornphongs Burgmüller Platinum Medal
Navinda Tejavanija Brahms Platinum Medal
Navinda Tejavanija French Composer*** Gold Medal
Navinda Tejavanija Schubert Sonata Gold Medal
Nisha Thanasatitkul Sonatina Platinum Medal
Nitchayada Plianbangchang Sonatina Gold Medal
Nutcha Chaijaroonporn Bach A Silver Medal
Nutthaporn Narissirikul Russian Composer* Gold Medal
Pacharakorn Chuensonthi Mozart Sonata Gold Medal
Pakin Jindasamut Chopin Waltz Gold Medal
Panida Bumpenpean Sonatina Silver Medal
Patteera Boonprasurtkul Burgmüller Silver Medal
Pawichaya Atikanist Czerny A Gold Medal
Phatthicha Leowattana Bach C Platinum Medal
Phitchapha Littirut Sonatina Silver Medal
Phol Mamani Burgmüller Platinum Medal
Pimpunmanee Chaiyaprasithi Sonatina Platinum Medal
Pinn Mahasaranond Liszt Free Choice Platinum Medal
Piratchaya Tanjapatkul Haydn Sonata Platinum Medal
Piyathida Plengpetch Burgmüller Gold Medal
Ploy Pothanun Sonatina Gold Medal
Pluempiti Sriratanaban Burgmüller Silver Medal
Prapada Chieosawang Sonatina Gold Medal
Priabpran Chanthammaphitak Burgmüller Silver Medal
Pun Petra Chopin Waltz Bronze Medal
Puri Puengpipattrakul Liszt Etude Platinum Medal
Rulin Wang Czerny A Platinum Medal
Sakdhiphat Pongtanya Burgmüller Gold Medal
Santisook Limpeeticharoenchot Bach Junior Silver Medal
Saranpim Aukkarayunyong Burgmüller Gold Medal
Sasichaya Nawatrilap Burgmüller Bronze Medal
Sineh Atilaksana Chopin Polonaise Gold Medal
Supawit Sukawattana Czerny A Platinum Medal
Tawan Kiatcharoenwat Chopin Waltz Silver Medal
Teeramet Boonkobkaew Chopin Etude Gold Medal
Teeramet Boonkobkaew Haydn Sonata Gold Medal
Thanakorn Klombunchong Heller Etude Silver Medal
Thanakorn Klombunchong Sonatina Silver Medal
Thanakrit Tanompongphandh Sonatina Gold Medal
Thann Bualek Sonatina Silver Medal
Thavinn Uttamoat Burgmüller Silver Medal
Thitat Vorachitsanti Chopin Nocturne Gold Medal
Thitikorn Metheevuttikorn Chopin Mazurka Silver Medal
Tirajate Sivadith Burgmüller Bronze Medal
Tone Lulimethi Beethoven Sonata Gold Medal
Umetaro Hiyori Duangchan Bach A Silver Medal
Varinthorn Sivadith Sonatina Silver Medal
Viriya Rungsuriyawiboon Burgmüller Silver Medal
Vithaya Sisombat Chopin Nocturne Silver Medal
Vitra Adara Ampornpisit Mendelssohn Gold Medal
Warinrada Eiamsirithanakorn Sonatina Silver Medal
Wit Sukyai French Composer*** Gold Medal
Wit Sukyai Haydn Sonata Gold Medal
Xiaoxiao Diao Sonatina Silver Medal
Yosaral Panrattanamongkol Chopin Nocturne Bronze Medal
Zeyue Liu Russian Composer* Gold Medal

4. Piano Method Category

Name Category Prize
Aaleyah​ Tungskunthong​ Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Silver Medal
Alynn Viriyabusaya Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Silver Medal
Ananya Chonratanakun John Thompson B Gold Medal
Chanaporn Somjai Piano Pieces for Children A Gold Medal
Chayapicha Paseephol Piano Pieces for Children A Platinum Medal
Intachakorn Rungnava John Thompson A Gold Medal
Intarata Rungnava John Thompson A Gold Medal
Ittipat Somsud Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Gold Medal
Kantapat Suriyasasin Alfred's Book Levels 4 Gold Medal
Kulapatra Prajakthip Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Gold Medal
Methavit Vinaijaroon John Thompson A Platinum Medal
Nammon Plitponkarnpim Piano Pieces for Children A Gold Medal
Namthip Plitponkarnpim Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Silver Medal
Napat Suriyasasin Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Gold Medal
Nathita Thammongkol Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Platinum Medal
Nichpasit Apiratanapimolchai Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Silver Medal
Paplern Tiraborisute John Thompson A Gold Medal
Patinya Samitasiri Alfred's Book Levels 2-3 Silver Medal
Pinyapat Anantanavanich Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Gold Medal
Ratchakrit Ratsami Piano Pieces for Children A Gold Medal
Solajjha Banthaokul Piano Adventure Levels 3-5 Gold Medal
Tinn Panich Piano Adventure Levels 1-2 Gold Medal
Xinghe Ji Piano Adventure Levels 1-2
Certificate of Participation
YiYi Mia Zhao Piano Adventure Levels 1-2
Certificate of Participation

5. Amateur Category

Name Category Prize
Anna Rojrattanachai Popular Music Platinum Medal
Pichaya Srithongthai Popular Music Platinum Medal
Theerabodee Chaiplee Popular Music Platinum Medal
Titus Surapananonchai Popular Music Platinum Medal